A Warning: Venezuela Just Suspended Civilian Gun Rights for 180 Days


A Warning: Venezuela Just Suspended Civilian Gun Rights for 180 Days

As a followup to the recent news of Venezuela’s government arming pro-regime civilians to fight against disarmed anti-government protestors, we bring you this report from a Venezuelan there on the ground. I’ve edited this very lightly to correct misspellings and add some formatting, but otherwise this is the author’s own words.

What follows is a stark, dire warning to all of us in the US about what’s at stake in the right to keep and bear arms. Read the whole thing, and know that unless we stand up and fight to keep what we have, we’re next.

As you might recall I’m from Venezuela. Yeah, that little misguided country forgotten by god.

Anyway, I’ve been following very closely the news and I have one update that might be useful complement to this article that became very popular in AllOutdoor.

The thing is that just yesterday, the equivalent to the the secretary of interior had announced that all arms permits are suspended countrywide to all civilians. Here is the most “bland” news from RT (the softer version of it). It’s in Spanish but a quick google translation gets you the deal:

Venezuela suspends the carrying of firearms for 180 days

“The carrying of firearms throughout the country is suspended for 180 days to guarantee security, peace and internal order, ” said Venezuelan Minister of the People’s Power for Internal Affairs and Justice, Nestor Reverol, on Tuesday. Through your Twitter account.

Venezuela is plunged into a wave of tension by violent clashes with opponents of security services. It is estimated that the unrest has claimed the lives of 26 people .

So it is clear the progression of “official violence” against civilians. And it’s because it became “legal” to strip citizens of their basic rights (including the defense). Which is simply criminal under the present circumstance.

And this is the consequence of all that above:

Burned residential building by the National Guard’s tear gas bombs

Paramilitia (pro-government) attacking residential areas

Unidentified shooting against anti-government protestors


There is a TON of more information regarding this constant attack to civilians, from hospitals and schools being affected by overuse of tear gas to civilians getting injured, killed, or even disappeared during the protests.

This is the price we are paying for being naive against this criminal government. Why? because in my country the opposition, several years ago, approved a “Disarm Law” that allegedly would help to reduce crime by reducing the number of arms in the street. The result is no other than this: the criminals have all the weapons, the government protects the criminals and we, civilians, have to flee the country or face the worst consequences if we oppose the regime.

I don’t know if all this above can be useful to present in AO. But I feel this could be a clear insight of what can happen if citizens gives up some “rights” for the promise of peace. Rights that I constantly see in AO and TFB being defended. Rights that I would help you defend even being abroad. Because I truly know what it means to lose them.

And sorry to bother you with this. But it’s kind of a big deal for me at this moment.

Brother, this is a big deal for all of us. We appreciate the news and the warning. May we heed the examples of history and the lessons of the present day, and never consent to hand over the power that’s ours by right.

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