Watch: Freedom Ordnance FX9 Carbine


Watch: Freedom Ordnance FX9 Carbine

The FX9 Carbine from Classic Arms is very much like the AR-15, but it accepts Glock magazines. People looking for a 9mm carbine, may want to take a look at this rifle.

As of June 8, 2017, the FX9 carbine has a listed price of $599.


From the Classic Arms website:

  • Chambered in 9×19
  • 13″ Free Float M Lock Rail
  • 6 Position Collapsing S3 Stock
  • Rear Ambidextrous Charging handle
  • AR-15 Configured Safety Selector
  • AR-15 Configured Last round Bolt Hold open
  • AR-15 Configured Magazine Release
  • AR-15 Compatible Triggers
  • AR-15 Compatible Pistol Grips (Without the Rear Tang)
  • Compatible with 9mm approved 1/2″x 28 T.P.I. muzzle devices and suppressors
  • Compatible with KNS precision® AR-15 Trigger Pins.
  • Upper / Lower billet machined aluminum alloy
  • Mil Spec anodized
  • Action blowback
  • Weight 6.1 lb
  • Length 31.5”

Now for the video.

The FX9 seemed to have some issues with magazines that are not factory Glock.

Field stripping is similar to a typical AR-15. The charging handle of the FX9 is a little different than the standard AR.

In the video, the flash hider is removed, replaced with a suppressor and sub-sonic 9mm is fired through the rifle. From the audio of the video, the bolt made more noise than the 9mm did.

For those of us looking to standardize with Glock handguns, the FX9 plays right into that plan.

Overall, it seems like the price is right, the rifle functions, accepts Glock magazines and can be suppressed. When the guys at the Military Arms Channel say they are enjoying a firearm, that tells me a lot.

Special thank you to the Military Arms Channel for making another great video.

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