Five Essential Everyday Carry Items


Five Essential Everyday Carry Items

In a previous article the question was asked, “Are you carrying too much EDC?” Let’s expand on that article and talk about the types of Everyday Carry (EDC) someone may carry.

Why should someone be concerned with EDC?

It is gear that helps us get through daily life. The items will vary from person to person, depending on their daily routine.


Not a cheap wallet like those sold at the corner store, but a nice leather wallet. Something that can hold picture ID, cash, debit card, and a few other things. The wallet should not be so large that it extends past the top of the pants pocket.

When I was in high school (early 1980s), my mom took a piece of paper, wrote contact names and phone numbers on it, and put the piece of paper in my wallet. The contact list stayed in my wallet for over a decade.

A wallet is viewed as a place for ID, cash, pictures, and credit card. It is also one of the first places rescue workers look when there is an accident.

Take a piece of paper, write down names of close friends, relatives and their phone numbers. Maybe include an address or two. A lot of people do not answer phone calls from numbers they do not recognize. Having a phone number does not help if the person does not answer the call.


Keys? Really? That should be a given, everyone should carry their keys. Not just keys, but also a key to your parents, brother or sisters house.

Here is the thing, if something were to happen to your parents, brother or sister, you may need entry to their home.

Also, if you ever need an emergency place to sleep, get permission to crash on the couch or floor.  Let’s say the roads are blocked or floods washed a bridge out. You are not able to get home, but you have a place to go.


Small flashlight that uses a single AAA battery. I like to use lithium batteries.

Since the late 1980s I have carried two different EDC flashlights:

There have been numerous times when I needed a flashlight and used my EDC light.



Check local regulations before carrying a knife. For example, assisted opening knives are prohibited in certain states. Even here in Texas, assisted knives were restricted by law for several decades.

If you are going to carry a knife, do it with style, and buy a Case. Case knives are top quality, look nice and avoid tacticool.

A classic Case knife will draw less attention than a tacticool looking assisted opening knife.

Wrist Watch

Believe it or not, watches are becoming a thing of the past. Everyone has a cell phone, so why wear a watch?

Rather than making an argument against phones, let’s just say watches are reliable.

My go to watch is a Timex Expedition, brown face, OD green band. The battery is replaced every three years or so. If I remember right, the watch cost around $30-$35.

Final Thoughts

As I write this, I am 49 years old. As I look back over the decades, my EDC today is not very different from the late 1980s. The brand names may change, but the type of EDC has remained unchanged.

Was anything overlooked? What do you carry that is not on the list?

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