CZ P10C 9mm Reliability Tests


CZ P10C 9mm Reliability Tests

The guys over at the Military Arms Channel on YouTube seem to have a special place in their hearts for the CZ P10C. After watching this video, I am starting to understand why. This gauntlet tests involve submerging the handgun in water, covering it in sand, dirt and finally mud.

There was one handgun that would not fire after simply being submerged in water. Most of the handguns start having problems after the dirt.

How did the CZ P10C do? It performed better than a lot of other handguns.

In all honesty, the CZ P10C did better than I expected.

Now for the video.

These may not be a scientific tests as there are a lot of uncontrolled variables. However, all of the handguns tested are subjected to the same tests:

  • Water
  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Mud

If nothing else, we learn where the possible fail points are. For example, during the Beretta 92f tests, mud got between the hammer and slide. As a result, the mud prevented the hammer from striking the firing pin.

With the CZ P10C, it took the mud tests to finally kill the handgun.

Gauntlet failures:

  • Water: 0
  • Sand: 0
  • Dirt: 0
  • Mud: 3

The part that I like, is when the handgun is washed off and fired again. Some handguns would not resume firing after being washed off.

Overall, I am impressed with how well the CZ P10C performed. It did better than the FN 509, which could not even finish the gauntlet.

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