Flashlight Review: Jaxman Z1 XHP50


Flashlight Review: Jaxman Z1 XHP50

The Jaxman Z1 XHP50 is a zoomable flashlight that uses either two 18650 or two 26650 batteries.

To write this review, the flashlight was used on the farm for around two weeks. It was used nightly to close the chicken house, and to look around for predators. The chicken yard is a half-acre, with a treeline on one side and a creek on the other side. To see an opossum or raccoon on the trail camera is not uncommon. So when closing the chicken house, I take a few minutes and look around the yard.

Even though the Z1 is supposed to be used with two batteries, the housing has two sections. The section behind the bezel is large enough for a single battery, which created some confusion on my part. If the flashlight is supposed to be used with two batteries, why is the housing made in two different pieces?

After using the Jaxman Z1 XHP50 nightly, I was impressed and also slightly disappointed. On one hand, this is a great flood light. On the other hand, it looks like the Z1 uses four LED emitters.  When zoomed in, the beam has a square divided into four sections in the middle.


From the Amazon store page:

  • Maximum output: 2,400 lumens
  • High 100%
  • Mid 30% (720 lumens)
  • Low 5% (120 lumens)
  • Length: 8 11/16 inches.
  • Weight (with two 18650 batteries): 14.85 ounces
  • Body diameter: 1 1/4 inches
  • Bezel diameter: 2 1/6 inches
  • Waterproof: IPX-6

Weight and length are from my test sample.

Lanyard is included.  There are four lanyard attachment holes in the tail cap. The holes measure 1/8 inch wide and 3/16 inch long.

Batteries are not included.


The On/off button is located in the tail cap. Push the button once to turn the flashlight on, then gently press the button again to cycle through the brightness settings.

The Z1 has two modes: one with the SOS and strobe, and one without. To change the mode and disable the SOS and strobe:

Please turn the flashlight to low mode and wait for 5 seconds, after the light strobe for 2 seconds turn off the light.  Then the flashlight modes will change to another group.

Being able to disable the SOS and strobe is wonderful. This is a feature all flashlights this size should have. For walking around the property, I do not need a strobe or SOS, and I imagine a lot of other people feel the same way.

Adjust the zoom by turning the flashlight head.

Jaxman Z1 XHP50


Final Thoughts

If the Z1 did not have the square in the middle of the beam when zoomed in. In other words, if the Z1 used a single LED emitter, this would be a great flashlight.

If you zoom out just a little bit, the four squares go away.  So the unsightly boxes are only visible when zoomed in all the way.

I have other flashlights that use multiple LED emitters, such as the Jaxman E2L, but none of them are zoomable.

When using the flashlight on high for several minutes, the head starts to get a little hot.  When this happens, I step the light down to the next lowest setting.  With 2,400 lumens, I expect the head to get a little hot.

Overall, I like the Jaxman Z1 as a flood light. The four squares puts me off using it as a spotlight.

Final score: 9.0

Full Disclosure

Even though I received the flashlight at no cost to myself, this review is based on my honest opinion of the Z1 XHP50.

Some of the factors in deciding the final score:

  • If the flashlight requires two batteries, why is the housing in two parts?
  • Why not use a single LED and give the flashlight a nice focused beam?
  • Being able to disable the SOS and strobe is very nice.
  • Head gets a little warm after several minutes of use. Maybe some better cooling fins on the head would help? For example, the Jaxman X1S has well-defined cooling fins.


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