What Can Glock Do To Innovate?


What Can Glock Do To Innovate?

It is no secret Glock has been losing market share over the past few years. They lost the XM17 to Sig, and the 5th generation Glock offers nothing new in the way of innovation.

So, what can Glock do to reclaim their former glory?

TheYankeeMarshal put together a video talking about this very topic. On a personal note, I have pretty much stopped watching TheYankeeMarshal. That said, the topic of this video is interesting. Regaining market share is a problem every company faces.

We could easily say:

  • Ford, what can they do to innovate?
  • GMC, what can they do to innovate?
  • Microsoft, what can they do to innovate?
  • Colt, what can they do?
  • Beretta, what can they do?

If a company does not innovate, they will lose market share. Once they lose enough market share, they are forgotten.

Will Glock be forgotten? Not anytime soon. People may say Glock will never be forgotten. When you say that, think about all the other gun companies that went belly-up.


The way for Glock to innovate is to stop being a one-trick pony. Produce a Glock rifle that accepts AR-15 magazines, and produce a Glock carbine that accepts Glock handgun magazines. Give the customer something besides one type of product (handguns).

Colt is in the same situation as Glock, and they’ve filed for bankruptcy protection. Colt produces one line of firearms. Who else produces a single product line? Glock.

For several decades, Glock was the leader in polymer handgun technology. However, times change and other companies are taking market share away from Glock.

Glock did not invent the polymer handgun, but they did refine and popularize it.

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, but he did refine the production line. Where would Ford be if their only product line was still the Model T? That is the problem facing Glock.

Personally, I would like to see Glock release their XM17 handgun test samples to the public. I am on the fence about buying a Gen 5 Glock, but If they were to release the XM17 version to the public, I would buy it next month.

What do you think?

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