Military Arms Channel: Join GOA


Military Arms Channel: Join GOA

Ever since the National Rifle Association mentioned they may favor of a ban on bump stocks, the NRA has received various levels of backlash. For example, numerous members of the shooting sports community, such as the Military Arms Channel, have stated they no longer support the NRA.

So who do we turn to? Who is going to step forward to replace the NRA as the champion of gun rights?  What organization will not comprise with the gun-grabbers? This has to be someone who will say, “Gun owners have given up enough of their rights.”

Maybe the organization who should replace the NRA is the Gun Owners of America (GOA).

From the Military Arms Channel Facebook page:

I have been talking to the Gun Owners of America and they’ve been VERY helpful these last few very trying weeks. They are helping me understand the current state of proposed legislation and have become a strong partner for me to maintain insight into the fights we will have to wage to defend our liberties in the coming weeks and months.


I want to swell their ranks to rival that of the NRA, and we can do that in Social Media more quickly than we can fix the NRA in my opinion. If we do that, we can have a strong partner on the Hill with a loud NO COMPROMISE voice we need. GOA has always had a policy of no compromise. It’s time we show them our gratitude and offer our support.

I encourage our NRA members to keep their memberships but consider also joining the GOA. Please help us to elevate a true no compromise organization that is very active politically.

Here’s the link. You must use this link to get the $15 annual membership.


As I write this article I am 49 years old. In the past few decades I have seen our guns rights dwindle.


  • 1989 semi-automatic import ban by President George H.W. Bush.
  • 1994 assault weapon ban that expired in 2004.
  • Brady Bill. Due to the Brady Bill, I have been delayed on several firearm purchases. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “A right delayed in a right denied.” I had no redress, thus had to wait several days for a background check to go through.
  • Trump administration ban on various Russian-made firearms.
  • The numerous anti-gun laws on the state and local levels.

How much is enough? How many of our rights have to be whittled away before we say “No more?”

I will be joining the Gun Owners of America.

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