EDCing a Fixed Blade: Do You Do It, and How?


EDCing a Fixed Blade: Do You Do It, and How?

Somebody in a FaceBook knife group I’m in tipped us off to the Sharpshooter Insider Pocket Sheath, available at DLT Trading. In the past, I’ve thought about using something like this to carry a fixed-blade, because I’m much more a fan of fixed blades than I am of folders. In fact, I’ve actually tried a few different inside-the-belt, concealable sheath options, and have even tried carrying one of my larger fixed blades like this. (Texas recently loosened its anti-“Bowie Knife” laws, so you can carry something over 5.5 inches now.) But every carry system I’ve tried has been way too much hassle, so I always go back to a folder.

The last knife I tried this with was the Southern Grind Jackal. This knife has a really simple, solid sheath system that you can easily customize, and I set it up for inside-the-waistband carry. I just never got very far with that, though, because as I’ve written recently I’m all about keeping my carry super simple. Heck, I’m such a heretic that I don’t even carry a spare mag.

But still, I always have a good knife on me, and I greatly prefer the solid simplicity of a good fixed blade over a more mechanically complex folder. Do any of you guys EDC a fixed blade, and if so, what’s your preferred mode of carry?

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