Tac-14 Hardwood and Marine Magnum Shotguns From Remington


Tac-14 Hardwood and Marine Magnum Shotguns From Remington

This is some Boardwalk Empire coolness right here: a Remington Tac-14 with a hardwood grip and fore-end. I handled it in the booth, and really liked it. You can see that they screwed a sling mount into the grip, and there’s a metal piece in the front to thread the other end of the sling, through.



MSRP on that is $499, so it’s about $50 more than the Magpul version. Definitely not super practical, but a great blend of old and new in one gun.

I also got to handle the Marine Magnum edition. I’ve written about the Marine Magnum before, as it’s basically the Magpul Tac 14 with a saltwater- and corrosion-resistant coating over every last pin, spring, and internal part (plus the obvious parts like the barrel, receiver, and mag tube.)



You can see the internal coating from the pictures, and as I said in my Gunsite writeup this is on a whole other level of fit and finish from the Mossberg 590a1 Mariner that currently sits in my safe. There is just no comparison, and when I get back to the house I may update this post with some pictures to show what I’m talking about.

This bad-boy is $850, so $400 more than the Magpul edition that it’s based on.

Robar tells me that they’ll completely NP3 a Tac-14 for $330, so by the time you pay shipping and FFL fees it may or may not net out to save you any money. As I said in another post, I’m working on a Ultimate Truck Gun build based on the Tac-14, so I’m exploring all my options.

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