Preppers, Thoughts On MP5 Clones?


Preppers, Thoughts On MP5 Clones?

How would an MP5 clone fit into your prepping plans? In a previous article we talked about how numerous MP5 clones are hitting the market in 2018. With so many clones hitting the market, buying one is rather tempting.

At SHOT Show 2018 I had the chance to drop by the Palmetto State Armory booth and see their PSA-5, which is not supposed to hit the market in 2019. If you do not want to wait for a PSA, there is always Zenith and PTR.

Currently, prices on MP5 clones are in the $1,600 – $2,000 price range. A PSA representative told me their price point would be around half of the competition. With that in mind, let’s estimate the PSA will sell for around $1,000 when it hits the market.

Preppers, how would an MP5 clone fit into your overall prepping goals? If someone is so rich they use $100 bills to light cigars, dropping two grand on a MP5 clone may not be a big deal. For the rest of us, dropping even $1,000 on a firearm “is” a big deal.

Regardless of how you look at it, an MP5 clone is still a handgun caliber and will serve the same purpose as any other handgun. Some of the clones have a slightly longer barrel than others. Even then, we are still talking about the 9mm.

If someone wanted better ballistics, why not go with an AR-15 pistol?

Want to silence the MP5 clone?  What about a 300 BLK pistol with a silencer?

At least with the AR pistol someone should be able to deer or hog hunt with it, but at close range.  However, some states prohibit deer hunting with a 22 caliber. This means using a 300 BLK pistol, which can have a silencer may fit the bill.

As much as I would love to have an MP5 clone, I am having a difficult time justifying the price. Why drop at least a $1,000 on a niche handgun, when that same money can be put into a 308 rifle?  Examples are an M1A, PTR-91, FN/FAL. Most of us should be able to quickly justify putting a $1,000 into a multipurpose firearm that can be used for deer hunting, or defending the property.

If someone wanted to take it a step further, that grand would pay for something like a Colt 6920, or a S&W M&P AR-15, and have plenty of money left over to buy ammo and magazines.

Anyway, here is a video The Firearm Blog did about the PSA-5 MP5 clone.

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