Should You Be 21 Years Old to Buy an AR-15?


Should You Be 21 Years Old to Buy an AR-15?

President Trump stated he would be open to raising the age limit to 21 years old in order to purchase an AR-15. Chances are the AR would not be the only firearm the age limit would affect. Let’s go ahead and say what everyone is thinking: age restrictions could possibly affect all semi-automatic long guns.

When anti-gun groups get the ball moving, they are going to grab everything they can with the momentum. If a bill raising the age limit is introduced into congress, gun-grabbers are going to try to attach everything they can.

In the end, it will probably be all semi-automatic rifles that have the age limit raised.

If we look at the Parkland, Florida school shooting, we see law enforcement dropped the ball several times:

  • Local police called to the Cruz home dozens of times.
  • Nikolas Cruz self-harmed. He had been cutting himself.
  • Nikolas Cruz posted a comment to a YouTube video saying he would be a professional school shooter.
  • FBI notified twice about his behavior.
  • Nikolas Cruz had been expelled from school for fighting.
  • Once the shooting started, a police officer stood outside the school for around 4 minutes.

Rather than addressing why law enforcement dropped the ball, pressure is being put on lawmakers to pass more gun laws? Since Nikolas Cruz bought the AR-15 himself, lawmakers are thinking about raising the minimum age to purchase an AR-15 from 18 to 21 years old.

Here is an idea. How about congress pass a law that instructs the FBI to do their job? Someone makes a threat towards a school, that person goes to jail for a terroristic threat.

What do the readers think about raising the age limit to purchase an AR-15?

As a staunch pro-gun rights advocate, I am firmly against any new gun laws. Enforce the laws already on the books, then (and only then) will we be open to even think about new laws.

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