Berlin Police Places Contract with Aimpoint


Berlin Police Places Contract with Aimpoint

It looks like the Berlin police is getting a lot of upgrades in the near future. After Heckler & Koch winning the contract to supply them with 24,000 SFP9 (VP9) pistols. They will be purchasing nearly 3800 Aimpoint CompM4 mostly for their Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm submachine guns.

While the CompM4 is not the latest and greatest model from Aimpoint, it does have a proven history but more importantly it meets department budget.

It’s a much needed upgrade due to recent surge of terrorist attacks all over Europe.

This is also third major contract Aimpoint have won this year following the Swedish Army and Finnish Defence Forces contracts.

MALMÖ, Sweden. – Aimpoint AB, the leading manufacturer and innovator in red dot sighting technology, has been awarded a contract from the Berlin Police to supply nearly 3800 Aimpoint® CompM4 red dot sights. Aimpoint won the contract in an open competition.

“We are proud that the Berlin Police has chosen the Aimpoint® CompM4 in their development program” says Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint AB and continues; “The CompM4 is a very much appreciated product by the operators for its reliability and ease of use. Therefore, we know that our new customer will be satisfied with its choice”.

The Aimpoint® CompM4 sights have been in operation with many military organisations worldwide for several years. They have become a standard product for NATO countries. It is a user-friendly, soldier-tested and combat proven sight that increases the effectiveness of the individual soldier. The CompM4 sight relies on a single AA battery to provide a ‘constant on’ of up to 80,000 hours or 8 years.

Currently, more than 1,500,000 Aimpoint® sights are already in use by Law Enforcement and Military Forces around the world. The Berlin Police chose the Aimpoint® products because they want to increase the speed and shooting precision of their police officers. The sights will be mounted primarily on H&K MP5 carbine. The start of the delivery will take place later this year.

For more information on Aimpoint and Aimpoint® products, visit the company’s website at:

For more information contact:
Mrs. Sabine Eriksson
Aimpoint AB, Phone: +46 40 671 50 20
[email protected]



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