Opinion: Why Never Again! Should Concern Everyone


Opinion: Why Never Again! Should Concern Everyone

Is the public tired of mass shootings? Of course we are. We have been tired of shootings for a very long time. In all honesty, I wish the government would do more to prevent shootings, such as taking warnings and threats seriously. Someone makes a threat towards a school, that person should go to prison.

Rather than releasing criminals and not prosecuting gun crimes, throw people who commit gun crimes in prison for a very long time.

When someone makes a straw purchase, throw that person in prison for the maximum amount of time allowed by law. For example, there was a case in Chicago where a straw purchaser got probation.

Laws for all of those things already exist. However, rather than demanding government enforce the law, the Never Again! protestors demand even more laws.

Never Again!

On March 24, 2018, an estimated 800,000 people marched in Washington D.C. That is 800,000 people demanding the government take away their rights. Gun control is not about guns, it is about controlling the population. Various communist nations killed over one million people in the 20th century alone after passing gun control laws.

Yet, with all of the lessons history provides us, 800,000 people marched on Washington D.C. demanding the government take away or limit their rights.

Who in their right mind asks the government to take away their rights? Better yet, who marches on Washington D.C. and demands the government take away their rights?

History has shown us time and time again, those who talk about gun control are not interested in peace.

What’s Next?

If people are gullible enough to demand the government take away their gun rights, what’s next?

Are people going to demand certain types of speech be prohibited?

Maybe certain types of books should be prohibited?

People who demand we keep our rights are branded (maybe literally) as radicals.

Gun owners have to report to a registry?

This is getting close to  what history taught us about Native Americans in the United States, and Jews in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Then there are the examples set by Che Guevara and the execution squads in Communist Cuba.

By the way, one of the speakers of the Never Again! movement had a Cuban flag on her jacket. This should provide some foreshadowing for the Never Again! movement. Someone talks about gun control, and wears the flag of a communist nation on her jacket, we know where this is going.

We know where this is going, because history has taught us over and over where gun control ends.

The Never Again! movement should concern everyone, as it shows how willing people are to give up their rights. Think about that for a minute, 800,000 people demanding the government take away their rights.


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