Six Things Every Backpack Should Have


Six Things Every Backpack Should Have

When heading into the woods, does the reader take time to look through the backpack and make sure certain items are in the pack? For the most part, I do. These are nothing special, just things which may be used on hiking trips, or even trips to the hunting lease.

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about some things every backpack should have in it. These are not expensive items, such as a GPS. We want to look at low cost gear just about everyone can include.

Toilet Paper

Just about everyone has toilet paper in their home, right? Some people use a toilet which uses water to clean their bottom, so they may not have toilet paper. If that is the case, borrow some toilet paper from a public bathroom, or from the neighbor.

Chances are most people have ziploc bags in their home.

Take the toilet paper, roll it up, put it in the bag, then place the bag in the backpack.


For the most part, matches are from a bygone era. Chances are most people have an electric stove and do not have a single match in their home.

Lighters can be bought online or at a local big box mart store.

Get a pill bottle, toss some matches in it, along with a striker, then put the bottle in the backpack. Or get a lighter and put it in the pack.


These can be bought online, or in just about any sports outlet store. Each one of my backpacks has a simple 50 cent pocket compass attached to a paracord zipper pull.

We want something which will help us maintain a direction.

Insect Repellent

There are few things more aggravating than to be walking along and be swarmed by mosquitoes or gnats. They get in your nose, in your mouth, and bite your hands and ears.

What’s worse that getting swarmed? Not having any insect repellent in the backpack.

Rain Poncho

The rain poncho is a dual purpose item.  It can be worn, or it can be used to build an emergency shelter.

Rain ponchos are available in a variety of prices. If nothing else, get a couple of those cheap ponchos sold at the local retail store and put one, or two, in every backpack.


This can be good trotline string, or 550 cord.

Cut a piece of cord around 20-30 feet coil it up and put it in the backpack. The cord can be used as shoestring replacement, or for building a shelter with the poncho.

Final Thoughts

Some people may wonder why a knife is not listed? A good quality knife should be part of the everyday carry. Since the knife is carried on your person, there is to need to list it.

What about a water filter? Maybe, yes, no, sometimes? I have two different water filter bags which are moved from pack to pack. One has a Katadyn Hiker, and the other has a Sawyer PointONE. Then there is the LifeStraw.

The LifeStraw cost less $20. If someone wanted to spend the money to have one in every pack, sure why not?

Hand sanitizer is another good item. Besides cleaning the hands, I use hand sanitizer to treat cuts and scratches.

Question to the reader, what do you keep in your backpack?


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