Preppers: Having Everything Ready The Night Before


Preppers: Having Everything Ready The Night Before

As my wife was getting stuff ready for a company outing, I suggested she, “Have everything ready the night before.” This is something I tried to teach my kids. Whether it was hiking, camping, fishing or hunting, the kids were taught to have everything ready the night before.

Typically we would round up the gear we needed and place it by the front door. If we were going fishing, the poles and tackle boxes were put in the boat the night before.

We can take these same principles and apply them to prepping. If we know a certain situation is on the world stage, then we can work to have everything ready the night before.

The event does not even have to be on the world stage. As a hurricane is approaching, have all of the preps ready to night before the storm makes landfall.

It never fails, when it looks like a hurricane is going to make landfall in a certain area, people rush to the store and buy everything they can think of.

When Hurricane Harvey was approaching the Texas coast, people were rushing to the local Walmart and filling their buggies full of food and supplies. There were a couple of families with two buggies full of everything from food to Coleman camping stoves.

I just happened to be in the store to pick up some non-prepping related items while people were in the midst of panic buying. Living on the gulf coast like we do, and being a prepper, my wife and I stay ready for events like Hurricane Harvey.

The only thing I did before Hurricane Harvey made landfall was to charge all of the batteries and LED lanterns. When Harvey arrived and the power went out, the cooking station was set up and life went on pretty much as normal.

When a situation arises, I take inventory, size up the situation, and have everything ready the night before.

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