Who Knew So Many Chefs Were Pro-Gun?


Who Knew So Many Chefs Were Pro-Gun?

Who knew there were so many pro-gun chefs? It seems a lot of TV personality chefs – from Anthony Bourdain to Gordon Ramsay – make no qualms when it comes to their affinity for firearms. Not only do a lot of popular chefs like guns, they also approve of hunting, and some conceal carry.

For example, Anthony Bourdain wrote on his blog – GUNS AND GREEN CHILE

I like guns.

I like shooting them. I like holding their sleek, heavy, deadly weight in my hands. I like shooting at targets: cans, paper cut-outs, and—even though I’m not a hunter—the occasional animal. Though I do not own a gun—I would, if I lived in a rural area like, say…Montana—consider owning one.

Pro-Gun Chefs

Gordon Ramsay went on a wild pig hunting trip at a military base, and made a video about it.

Gordon seems to have no issue handling the rifle, but need some practice with the handgun. It’s ok though, shooting a handgun takes some practice.

After catching a wild pig in a trap, the pig was killed, butchered, cooked and served up to some troops.

What was most surprising is how causal Gordon was with shooting, hunting and butchering.  In all honesty, he seemed more enthusiastic about shooting than butchering. When it came to cook the wild pig it was clear Gordon was in his element.

Gordon Ramsay has also hunted pythons in the  Everglades.

Alton Brown, a host for the Food Network, posted an Ask Me anything (AMA) thread on Reddit. In the thread he talked about carrying a Kimber and how a 1911 was a little heavy.

Actually a 1911 is a little heavy for every day carry unless it’s a Browning 9 hi-power which is essentially a 1911. I carry a Kimber Solo a fair bit.


It is nice to see so many chefs talking about guns, and being pro-gun in general. Maybe there is a stereotype with TV personalities where they are expected to be left leaning anti-gun?

One thing is for sure, finding out those chefs are pro-gun came as a pleasant surprise.

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