Democrats Introduce Bill to Register Gun Owners


Democrats Introduce Bill to Register Gun Owners

Imagine if you would a beautiful spring morning and a family dressed in their Sunday best arriving at church. As they walk up to the church doors, the family is greeted by federal agents. The agents ask if the family are registered Christians and ask to see the family’s “Worship Permits.”

Sounds outside the realm of possibility?

Democrats are proposing a law, which would force gun owners to register and then have a license to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

From – Bill in Congress would require all gun owners to be licensed, sales tracked.

The bicameral measure was introduced this week in the House by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush as H.R. 6024 and in the Senate as S.3002 by U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth. It would make it a crime to own a gun without a federally issued license and direct the Attorney General to establish and a system to track gun sales.

If the federal government is successful in forcing gun owners to register, what other groups could be forced to register? Christians, Jews, Muslims, Gays? Could they be put on a list?

Think it is outside the possibility here in the land of the free?

With the stroke of a pen, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Presidential Proclamation No. 2537, which forced citizens with German, Italian and Japanese heritage to register with the United States government. Eventually, more than one hundred thousand Japanese-Americans were rounded up and put in camps. The United States Supreme Court upheld the order.

History teaches up what happens when certain groups have to register with the government. Whether it was Japanese-Americans in 1942, or German Jews in the 1930s, history teaches us registering with the government is one of the first steps to a much larger plan.

Younger Generation

There use to be a time when the younger generation were taught how to use firearms, and the importance of gun ownership.

Today, some of the younger generation favors socialism and communism over capitalism, and young people march in the streets demanding gun control. In other words, some of the younger generation is asking the government to take away their rights.

Thankfully, we also have young people who are willing to stand up for their rights. A group calling themselves March For Our Lives sent a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott asking him to support gun control. The group was rebuked by a Texas gun rights student group.


We must do more to educate the younger generation about the importance of gun rights and gun ownership. Those young people grow up to be future voters and leaders. The young people of today will be the ones introducing the legislation of tomorrow.

We can curb these tyrannical gun laws by teaching out children the importance of the second amendment.

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