Ideal Conceal ‘Cell Phone Pistol’ is Finally Shipping


Ideal Conceal ‘Cell Phone Pistol’ is Finally Shipping

More than two years after I first told you about the Ideal Conceal “cell phone pistol,” the first of them are being shipped to folks who pre-ordered them, according to a video announcement by company founder Kirk Kjellberg posted on July 9, 2018.

It was back in March of 2016 when I first posted about the intriguing little two-shot folding handgun that looks more or less like a smart phone when it’s folded up. No, it’s not ideal for criminals — and no, it won’t make police shoot people for holding phones. It simply allows you to more easily conceal a handgun.

No criminal is going to shell out the money for this thing, which can be awkward to deploy and can’t be used as quickly as a conventional handgun. And the fact that some unfolding etc must be done before it can be used means that merely holding a smart phone (or an Ideal Conceal) will pose no threat to peace officers.

You may have pre-ordered one and may see some for sale on GunBroker before yours arrives. You’re not being duped — that seller simply paid for their order before you did.

You can view the announcement below.

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