“Illegal Gun Factory” Discovered by British Police


“Illegal Gun Factory” Discovered by British Police

When there’s a demand for guns, legal or otherwise, someone will always fill that demand. In this case, an illegal firearms factory has reportedly been discovered in Sussex, England.

A large-scale illegal gun factory has been discovered on a Sussex industrial estate, the National Crime Agency has announced.

Investigators responded to what was believed to be gunshots coming from inside what the NCA called a warehouse unit describing itself as a gearbox repair business on an industrial estate in Hailsham, East Sussex.

Officers raided the building on Saturday night and found what they believe to be a “sophisticated” operation producing guns, of which the NCA has subsequently seized around 30.

Some of the language used is quite odd. For instance, they say, “we have found what we believe to be a sophisticated gun factory.” “Believe?” It either is or it isn’t…

And then there’s this:

“We have found what we suspect are a number of handguns in various stages of production, as well as templates and metal for use in their manufacture.

“Those are now being analysed by forensic experts to determine what category of firearm they fit into.”

Er… aren’t these people supposed to know a bit about firearms? Yet they merely “suspect” they have found “a number of handguns” and they require “forensic experts to determine what category of firearm they fit into?”


How were they making these bad ol’ shooting irons? Printing them off by the dozen? Well, no.

A source told The Telegraph no 3D laser printers were found in the industrial unit, but rather decades-old metalworks machinery typically associated with pre-21st century classrooms.

Sounds right.

At any rate, three men were taken into custody at the scene and will apparently remain jailed until their September 17 court appearance.

My point here is that you can’t un-invent guns, and banning them won’t make them go away. So why not embrace them? Put a gun in every British hand, and pretty soon you’ll see London knife crime drop like a rock.

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