BAN PROPOSED (H.R. 7115): Parts Kits & 80% Lower Receivers


BAN PROPOSED (H.R. 7115): Parts Kits & 80% Lower Receivers

Recently on November 2nd, House Democrats proposed a very vague resolution that could effectively ban 80% lower receivers and gun parts kits (including lower parts kits; LPKs), and is ambiguous enough to blanket include upper receivers as well. This is all a part of H.R. 7115 which has been very poorly-named the “3-D Firearms Prohibition Act” because 80% lowers are not all 3-D printed.

The stated purpose of the bill as described from the original document is as follows:

To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or import into the United States of certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits, and machinegun parts kits and the marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications, to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and for other purposes.

There are buzzwords rampant throughout that quotation and it does not give you much substance. Assault weapon parts kits? Machine gun parts kits? You cannot just order those off eBay or Amazon. Who do they think they are protecting with this bill?

H.R. 7115

This new legislation is sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and has already garnered 16 Democrats as co-sponsors. H.R. 7115 goes into even further detail to want to ban the advertising of lower parts kits or building your own modern sporting rifles.

It shall be unlawful to market or advertise, on any medium of electronic communications, including over the Internet, for the sale of any of the following:

(1) A firearm receiver casting or firearm receiver blank or unfinished handgun frame

(2) An assault weapon parts kit

(3) A machinegun parts kit

None of this should really come as a surprise because although Democrats constantly say you are being paranoid, we are not coming for your guns.

They are, in fact, coming for our guns.

So what do all of you think? Is this bill too over-reaching? Do you think it has a snowball’s chance in passing? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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