German Redneck Does CSI on Poacher and “Awful Dad”


German Redneck Does CSI on Poacher and “Awful Dad”

JoergSprave, everyone’s favorite(?) slingshot-amping German YouTuber — and the same guy who recently built a homemade weapon to throw spinning saw blades — saw a story being reported in Germany and called BS. Then he made a video to disprove it.

There was a photograph with the article, showing a very short arrow with an odd tip: a blunt point designed for stunning/killing small game animals such as rabbits. A dead deer had been found with this arrow inside, apparently having bled to death.

After the story went public, a local father told police that his 14-year-old daughter had accidentally shot the deer while shooting her bow, when the deer had unexpectedly run out in front of her. JoergSprave saw this story and immediately saw it for what it is: BS.

In the video, he uses bows, crossbows, similar blunt tips, and a few different arrows to show that the arrow found in the deer is a crossbow arrow (or bolt), that it couldn’t have been fired from a youth bow, that a youth bow couldn’t have penetrated a deer with that sort of tip even on an arrow of the correct length for the youth bow, and finally that a crossbow could indeed have caused brutal penetration into a deer using that blunt tip, creating trauma by ripping its way through flesh and hide.

In other words, the father lied on numerous fronts. Even if the daughter had been the one firing the crossbow (illegal for someone younger than 18 in Germany.) Wouldn’t a good father have taken the rap by saying that he fired the shot?

But after all, who expects decency from the sort of jerk who would shoot a deer with this type of arrowhead anyhow? A real piece of work.

I can’t help but wonder whether this video helped police do their work and what the result was.

Much of what he shows us in the video is common knowledge to many Americans, but many folks have no clue about arrows, arrowheads, and their effects on animals.

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