How to Build a DIY 22 Pistol


How to Build a DIY 22 Pistol

A couple years back, we shared a video about a homemade DIY pistol made from scrap. This time we’re looking at a two-part series of a guy building a handgun that’s a bit more elaborate, although certainly not any better-looking.

Part one begins with the receiver pretty much built already, and then he starts cutting up materials and showing how they fit together.

One thing I’ll say which probably doesn’t need to be said is, do not mimic this guy’s procedures. He lacks basic machining skills, drilling crooked holes and generally going at things pretty half-assedly.

That said, this is really a testament to the fact that pretty much anybody can make a gun if they want to.

Naturally, we here at AllOutdoor cannot recommend that anyone follow this guy’s example, but the fact remains that guns just aren’t that difficult to make. Which of course deflates the entire notion of outlawing guns, don’t ya think?


Here’s “How to Make a 22 Pistol” part 1:

And “How to Make a 22 Pistol” part 2:

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