198 Democrats Sign on to Ban All Semi-Autos


198 Democrats Sign on to Ban All Semi-Autos

Just when you thought your two-party government couldn’t get any worse, we find that almost 200 Democrats in the US House of Representatives have signed on to support a sweeping ban on the manufacture of all semi-automatic firearms and “large-capacity” magazines (more than 10 rounds is apparently “large.”

In a stunning moment of almost-honesty, we find the bill to be almost sorta-kinda accurately named for a change: Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. Although nothing it bans is actually an “assault weapon,” at least it’s not named the “Public Safety Act,” which would be the exact opposite of its real-world result.

Not only does it mean you won’t get any more Glocks, Kel-Tecs, or 1911s, it even bans shotgun revolvers!

This legislation is so thoroughly bad it would probably be easier to list what it DOESN’T ban… but I’m not going to list either. You can read it all by clicking here. The point is that half of the jerks whom we have decided to allow to make the laws you and I are forced to live by are really into passing this crap.

Even worse, the other half (Republicans) are the ones who passed and enacted “red flag” and worse laws in my home state of Florida — and who are happily gearing up to shove the same crap down the throats of all Americans. Oh, and Florida Republicans aren’t happy with stealing guns without due process and eliminating legal gun ownership of anyone younger than 21 — I read just yesterday that Florida Republicans are “ready and willing” to pass even worse laws in the near future.

All this, even though there is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL that we are under any impending threat of mass shootings; in fact gun violence is at or near historic lows in the USA.

It is high time to end the two-party duopoly here in the USA. Rs may be “better than” Ds on some issues, but they are plenty happy stealing your rights a little bit slower while both parties spend money like water and wage foreign wars with reckless abandon, squandering our soldiers’ lives and sanity in the process.

Will this insane gun ban pass this year? Highly doubtful. But it will very likely polarize many people into blindly supporting Republican candidates based on the letter by their name rather than actually considering the issues each candidate supports. And that, my friends, is not good at all… because as we have seen, the Rs are getting just as comfortable as the Ds with the idea of taking away your guns.

What a mess.

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