First Hunt, First Kill for This 104-Year-Old Woman


Looking for a feel-good hunting story? Well, you found one. How else can you describe a story in which a first-time hunter — a 104-year-old woman — bags a buck on her first hunt? Ah, it does my heart good.

As reported by Wisconsin DNR, Florence Teeters had spent some time in a hunting blind with her son Bill last season, and decided that she wanted to hunt deer this season. So she headed on down to a local gas station to buy herself a hunting license. At age 104, it was the first hunting license she’d ever purchased.

Florence Teeters with her first-ever hunting license. (Image: Bill Ball)
Florence Teeters with her first-ever hunting license.
(Image: Bill Ball)

Mrs. Teeters got a lift to the Ball Petroleum gas station in Phillips to get that license. Wearing a sporty hunter-red plaid day-coat purchased by her daughter, Mrs. Teeters looked tip-top to take on the season. No one knew just how ready she was.

Two Wisconsin DNR conservation wardens – Joe Paul and Nick Hefter – were nearby and were thrilled to pose with the first-time buyer. “I thought it was fantastic,” Warden Paul said.

After she got her license, she headed to the woods to sit with her son, who had made sure the blind was equipped with a comfy chair for mama.

Not quite two hours into their wait, the spike buck appeared. ‘I tapped her on her knee, and I pointed,’ Bill said. Mrs. Teeters smiled and nodded [to indicate] that she saw what her son saw. She waited, and when the time was right — she shot and got her first buck.

‘She was so excited and saying, “I got a buck! I got a buck!,”‘ Bill said.

Congrats, Florence! Perhaps she was inspired by the story of Bertha Vickers, the lifelong hunter who made news when she bagged a buck at age 100 — then at age 101 she killed two deer with one shot!

Gotta love it. Happy hunting, y’all!

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