Cabot 1911 Pistol: a True Work of Art


Cabot 1911 Pistol: a True Work of Art

If you are an admirer of the 1911, one of the most revered semi-auto handgun platforms of all time, you may want to take your admiration a step further. You most likely appreciate and respect the lines and precision of a well-built pistol and perhaps own one of the classics already. But if you want to go a step beyond the norm and be the proud owner of a firearm that could be considered a work of art, you may want to take a hard look at a Cabot 1911.

Cabot is an American company based in Cabot, Pennsylvania, with roots in Indiana. While not every Cabot is a one of a kind, many are. An example is their mirror image, right and left hand set of pistols constructed out of a meteorite. Dubbed the “Big Bang” set, these pistols debuted in 2015 and are valued at $4.5 million.

The Cabot 1911 has been rightfully nicknamed the Rolls Royce of handguns. Most are milled from a single block of stainless steel. The company prides itself in the use of exclusive or rare materials in grip construction. Their left-handed pistols are engineered to be entirely left-hand oriented, including brass ejection.

Cabot 1911, Vintage Classic…photo courtesy Cabot Guns

One of the company’s most popular 1911 models is the Vintage Classic, a 1911 finished with a vintage worn look, a gold bead front sight, and blued finish. Grips on this pistol are Turkish Walnut with other options including Desert Ironwood and White American Holly. The vintage Classic is priced at $3,995, not an economy gun by any stretch but certainly in the ballpark of any high-grade custom built 1911.

If you’re feeling a bit patriotic, take a look at the American Joe Commander. It’s a beautiful gun with American flag panel grips and a commander size 4.25-inch barrel, available in 45ACP or 9mm. A brushed stainless finish sports engraving that is a tribute to the enduring strength of America and its industry. The American Joe Commander moves up the price scale to $4,500.

Cabot 1911, American Joe…photo courtesy Cabot Guns

Perhaps you’d prefer something with a prehistoric touch? Then you may want to consider the Monarch. This unique 1911 comes with your choice of ancient mammoth grip scales, made from the tooth of a prehistoric woolly mammoth. Other features include a 5-inch national match barrel and a mirror finish, hand-polished slide, to mention but a few. The Monarch is priced at $9,950.

How about a mirror image right and left-hand matched pair of 1911s? Cabot offers a selection of these one-of-a-kind sets for your consideration. Take for example, the Jones Deluxe. This set offers an exact mirror image right and left hand 1911 set with mammoth tooth grip scales. These are only available by special order and you can commission Cabot to build any 1911 mirror set to your liking. A matched set like this will run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Cabot has many other offerings and price ranges. If you are an admirer of the 1911 and enjoy history with an artistic touch, you can’t help but to want to at least see or hold one of these pistols. Check them out at

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