Jerry Miculek Proclaims Himself ‘King of Full Auto Friday’


Jerry Miculek Proclaims Himself ‘King of Full Auto Friday’

(Image: Screenshot from video)

Jerry Miculek is well-known for shooting fast — even faster than some machineguns! But I guess he wanted to cement that claim, because now he’s decided to become machine gun royalty… here’s what he says about the video:

“Titles are being claimed all over YouTube with kings of this and queens of that. Laying my claim to the king of FULL AUTO FRIDAY!”

He blows through a variety of full-auto firearms one after the other, and when he gets to the M3 “Grease Gun” he once again does the old I’m-bored-look-at-the-camera thing.

After firing the final machinegun, he picks up a revolver, which he fires fairly quickly, but it seemed a tad slow for him. I’m thinking he’d gotten used to keeping the trigger mashed instead of exercising his digit to its full potential. After all, he did claim he was only going to pull each trigger once!

I recognized the background as Florida terrain, and looked up the Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm to discover it’s located in north Florida, not too awful far from some of my old stomping grounds. Sure looks like a fun place to be.

Enjoy! And make sure to keep watching after you think the video is over, for some bonus footage of a Tommy gun. As Jerry said:

“It’s a good day to be an American. Get some.”

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