Don’t Hunt with Wet Feet! – Keep your Toes Warm and Dry


Don’t Hunt with Wet Feet! – Keep your Toes Warm and Dry

There is nothing worse in my mind than hunting with wet feet. Wet feet inevitably leads to cold feet, and that is absolutely the worst. Dry, warm toes are the ultimate comfort for any kind of hunting. Whether it be for the ever-popular season of whitetail deer hunting, waterfowl hunting, or even upland and small game hunting. For full enjoyment of the outdoors keep your wet feet dry and warm.

Dry feet starts obviously with high quality boots. There are literally hundreds of boot brand models on the market these days, but searching for the best hunting boots does narrow the field some. If your current boots are getting a little over-worn, cracked, and leaking it is definitely time for a replacement. With hunting seasons coming quickly, start shopping now. Begin your new boot search by making sure the model you are considering is 100% waterproof. This is most often accomplished by a special waterproof liner with usually a named product such as Gore-Tex® or some other proprietary liner. This should insure that the boot will repel and resist leaking. That is a good start.

For warmth, consider a boot with plenty of insulation. There should be a rating on the boot box or tag explaining the type and extent of the insulation. There are several brands or types of boot insulation, so be sure to double check the labels and buy boots with the most insulation you can find. If you tend to get cold feet, then be sure to get fully insulated boots. The next thing I highly recommend is to add an application of external boot treatment to enhance its water repellency. This comes in different forms such as a thick wax or leather treatment to seal any cracks and sewn threads from the manufacturing process. Work the material well into all the seams especially where the sole is attached to the body of the boot. A final application of regular boot wax would be a good idea, too.

There are some neoprene type boots on the market now that are great for keeping feet dry, but insure that whatever model you buy is also completely insulated. Rubber type boots do tend to get colder, but modern insulation materials help to keep feet warm. Use an electric boot dryer every night to insure your boots are completely dry in the morning. Be sure to pick and wear the best socks, too. I highly recommend wool socks only. Forget cotton socks or synthetics like nylon in hunting boots. It helps if the socks are a bit loose especially in the toes. Tight fitting socks restrict circulation. Good blood flow promotes foot warmth. Do anything and everything to keep your feet dry and warm.

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