Model 61 Winchester in “A 1932 Christmas” Video


Model 61 Winchester in “A 1932 Christmas” Video

(Image: Screenshot from Model 61 Winchester video)

Here’s a gun video of another stripe for you, in which popular YouTuber GunBlue490 pretends it’s the winter of 1932 and he’s managed to scrape together enough money and barter goods to get himself a brand-new cutting-edge rifle: The Model 61 Winchester pump-action hammerless takedown 22 rimfire rifle.

The old rifle in the video is closely related to the old Winchester 62A I shared here some years ago, but in much better shape. And the Model 61 is hammerless, which was not always the case with repeating long guns of the time.

Our video host strolls towards the camera up a snowy lane with his hunting dog by his side. Along the way, he takes a few shots at something off in the woods, before approaching the camera and talking about the tough times of the Great Depression and his new rifle.

It’s a unique way to present a classic rifle; by play-acting as if he’s really in 1932 and his rifle is brand spanking new. He even tells a tale of horse-trading for it with the local storekeeper. And he’s dressed the part, with shirt and tie as well as a sweater, all underneath a nice red and black plaid hunting coat. And the felt fedora hat is a fine way to top it off.

He describes the “new” Model 61 rifle and tells of its features, doing his best to stay in character all the while. When he’s done, he turns away with a wave to head back down the road with his canine companion. Then, the video ends with a nice message:

God Bless
Merry Christmas

It’s a really nice, and different, way to present an interesting old rifle which hasn’t been made since the big 1963 shakeup at Winchester which resulted in lower-quality rifles than these old classics.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy this one, so here it is:

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