Garmin Tread Powersports Navigator now syncs with GPS Dog Systems


Garmin Tread Powersports Navigator now syncs with GPS Dog Systems

The Garmin Tread Powersports Navigator has always been an outstanding wilderness tool to stay in contact with and track of your friends when your adventures take you beyond cell phone reception. With numerous mounting options for the Tread Powersports Navigator, you can take it with you in your UTV, tractor, and/or pickup truck – whatever the day may call for. Now with a free dog software update integration, you can pair a Garmin dog handheld to the Tread unit, and Tread will display what the dogs are doing on the Tread screen.

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This type of tech can be invaluable to those who are covering large tracts of property or land when hunting coons with hounds, pushing sections in pursuit of coyotes, or barreling down a canyon after a mountain lion. You might be right on the heels of your dogs, but if they outpace you then you will always know where they are. Further specific details about the union between the Tread Powersports Navigator and Garmin GPS Dog Systems can be read below:

  • Handheld communication mic for communicating between Tread units or other MURS compatible radios
  • Preloaded topo maps, U.S. Forest Service Roads (hunters), trails/Motor Vehicle Use Maps for full-sized 4x4s, side-by-side, ATVs and motorcycles
  • Public land boundaries for national forest, Bureau of land Management, Wilderness area
  • Private land parcels greater than 4 acres
  • Satellite imagery
  • InReach compatible so you can text and hit an SOS directly from the Tread Unit
  • ABC Sensors for tough-terrain guidance, built-in sensors include altimeter, barometer, compass and pitch/roll gauges
  • Turn by turn road direction
  • Live Weather, Music, You can add a camera
  • Compatible with Garmin PowerSwitch to enable on-screen control for side-by-sides 12-bvolt electronics – light bars, differential locks and more

The Garmin Tread Powersports Navigator will be compatible with the Alpha® 100/200i, Astro® 320/430/900, and PRO 550 Plus models of GPS Dog Systems from Garmin. For those who might be interested in utilizing this new software update or adding a Tread Powersports Navigator, a brand new Tread retails for $799 on Garmin’s website. With fall fast approaching, this could be the perfect tool for staying in touch with man’s best friend while out in the field as well as all of your other crazy hunting companions. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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