Colt Anaconda Wins Ballistic Magazine’s “Best Revolver” Award for 2021


Colt Anaconda Wins Ballistic Magazine’s “Best Revolver” Award for 2021

Colt has been bringing new “Snake Guns” to market at a rabid pace because of the outstanding demand for their cherished designs. The most recent re-introduction has been the Anaconda chambered in .44 Magnum earlier this year. Now it is receiving even more praise as it has won the Ballistic Magazine “Best Revolver” Award for 2021.

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The Colt Anaconda not only invokes nostalgic feelings and is a hand-cannon everyone wants to own, but it is authentically a superb piece of craftsmanship for anyone with a discerning love for revolvers. Ballistic Magazine has taken notice of this and bestowed their “Best Revolver” Award for 2021 on the fabled wheelgun. The full press release can be read below:

“Hartford, CT (December 16, 2021) – The powerful Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum winds its way into the company’s popular snake gun revolver series and crushes the competition. Ballistic Magazine recently announced, “Colt has officially won our 2021 Ballistic’s Best “Best Revolver” category.” The big, bold 2021 Anaconda was entirely re-designed with an oversized Python action, creating a double-action revolver worthy of its pedigree.

Ballistic Magazine’s writers and editors evaluate dozens of different firearms each year; 60 in 2021 alone! Shooters fire thousands of rounds downrange in a grueling series of tests, assessing guns for accuracy, reliability and more. They record each in the Ballistic scoring system and tabulate the results. Outstanding performers from each category rise to the top. And the winners receive the coveted Ballistic Best Award for 2021. The list doesn’t cater to advertisers – it’s an experience-based and data-driven review of the guns Ballistic thinks readers want to own and shoot.

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So, what is so special about the 2021 Colt Anaconda? And why did it win the Ballistic Best Award? Because the Anaconda is an unstoppable huntsman’s sidearm. Here is a list of its premium features. A linear leaf spring action provides a non-stacking, smooth-as-glass trigger pull. A bulked-up solid stainless steel frame adds strength and durability for the powerful .44 Magnum cartridge while recoil-absorbing Hogue grips soak up magnum recoil. The Anaconda includes adjustable, interchangeable sights for optimum shooting at the range or in the woods. Shooters wanting to mount an optic will appreciate the Anaconda’s drilled and tapped frame. The 2021 Anaconda Colt has 6- and 8-inch ventilated barrel options and a recessed target crown for muzzle protection.

The Colt revolver family just got a lot bigger with the addition of the Anaconda. Ballistic’s testing and accolades highlight why the Anaconda is a best-in-class revolver.

For anyone who has not gotten their hands on one of the new Colt Anaconda revolvers, I highly suggest you add one to your collection or give them a try. The staff from both TheFirearmBlog and AllOutdoor have tried them and we’re all in genuine awe that a revolver can be that nice. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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