AllOutdoor Review: Killer Instinct Max View 36 & Lighted Hyprbolt Arrows


AllOutdoor Review: Killer Instinct Max View 36 & Lighted Hyprbolt Arrows

Killer Instinct is rolling out two new products that I had the opportunity to extensively test. The new Killer Instinct Max View 36 2-7x36mm scope has impressive clarity and quality for a scope priced at an MSRP of $229. The Lighted HyprBolt arrows proved to be accurate and easy-to-use in my testing as well with an MSRP of $49.99 for a pack of 3 arrows.

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Killer Instinct Max View 36 2-7x36mm Scope

Killer Instinct has raised the bar in the crossbow scope category with this offering. The Max View 36 features an adjustable speed ring for bow speeds between 270 and 450 FPS (Feet per Second). The optic features a 30mm tube and includes rings. The Max View 36 features a lighted Killer Instinct LDC reticle that is adjustable in intensity and can be switched between red and blue illumination. Holdover lines are on 10 yard increments from 20 – 70 yards. The LDC reticle has holdover lines every 5 yards from 70 – 150 yards. The optic is waterproof, fog proof, and shock proof. The Max View 36 also includes flip up scope caps.


Killer Instinct LDC Reticle

A reoccurring problem with various crossbow scopes on the market is the hold over marks are not accurate past 40 – 50 yards. That fact is not a huge deal if you can remember that your 50 yard hold over line is actually 57 yards. Scopes with reticles configured like that drive me absolutely crazy. Killer Instinct has produced a scope that when used with their factory arrows, hold over marks are accurate to 150 yards. In full disclosure, I worked with KI on this project to get the reticle trued to the trajectory curve produced by their arrows. I wrote an article on how I built trajectory tables for my competition crossbows for AllOutdoor last year.

The Max View Lighted Reticle has accurate hold overs to 150 yards.

After shooting and chronographing hundreds of shots in a multitude of bows we settled on a Ballistic Coefficient of .083 for the 390 – 400 grain Killer Instinct factory arrows. The Hyprbolt and Lighted Hyprbolt arrows work great with this reticle. Those two arrows were settled on for the basis of the research. The Lighted Hyperbolt has slightly less front of center, and I have not seen any appreciable decrease in accuracy. I am planning a rather extensive article of the effects of Front of Center on arrow flight, so stay tuned for that article. I have been experimenting with different arrow builds and my best measured B.C. build to date is 0.1138. The difference in B.C. does not have that great of an effect on point of impact at normal hunting ranges. The higher ballistic coefficient did show up in the point of impact approaching 100 yards and over.

Another pet peeve of mine is a speed ring that is off on the velocity marking. It is mildly annoying to me when I am setting up a scope and the bow is shooting 405 FPS and I have to set the speed ring to 425 FPS. The adjustable speed ring velocity settings on the Max View 36 were within 3 FPS of the Lab Radar Chronograph readings.

My 10 year old daughter shooting at 100 yards.
I am proud of this group. On a calm evening I shot this group at 150 yards using factory Hyprbolts.

Do You Need a Scope that has Hold-Overs to 150 Yards?…

I have been active on crossbow related forums for years. It is inevitable that crossbow enthusiasts bring up ethical shooting distances on game animals. The conversation always turns into a fight. One hunter will make the statement that no one should shoot a deer over 30 yards with any arrow. I have a good friend that routinely hunts over bait (which is legal in his state) and has harvested animals at over 100 yards. In a recent conversation he is over a 95% success rate on shots taken. He is also a highly accomplished shooter and has a very intimate knowledge of animal behavior.

I am not a fan of representing a crossbow as “my next rifle.” Crossbows are not rifles, not even close. In the development of this scope, my perspective has changed relative to effective range. I DO NOT condone trying to shoot a deer at 150 yards, but shooting arrows with lighted nocks at stationary targets at that range around dusk is about as much fun as a shooter can have! I think it is like owning a muscle car, you should not drive it 130 MPH on the street, but it sure is fun on the track.

The longest shot I personally have taken on a Whitetail Deer is 48 yards. I was comfortable with the shot and it was about to the edge of what I would take. After playing with the Max View 36, I might add a few yards to that number. My daughter who is 10 years old had a blast shooting at 100 yards with this scope using the lighted Hyprbolts. She said it reminded her of Star Wars. Shooting at ranges over 100 yards is great fun and really shows the flaws in your technique and follow through. Once again, I am not encouraging bombing long distance shots at game animals. I feel it is up to each individual hunter to honestly assess their abilities on distances. Ultimately, you have to live with not making a clean, ethical kill.

Killer Instinct Lighted Hyprbolts

Killer Instinct is rolling out 20″ lighted Hyprbolts. They have a moon nock and weigh in at 390 grains with a 100 grain point. The Lighted Hyprbolt has the same B.C. as the original Hyprbolt and shot to the same point of impact for me. I tested the Lighted Hyprbolt out to 150 yards using the Max View 36 scope and found the accuracy excellent for a factory arrow. The lighted nocks are activated by pushing the moon nock in and deactivated by pulling out on the moon nock. The lighted Hyprbolts have a MSRP of $49.99 for a 3 pack.

Hyprbolt Moon Nock
KI lighted nock at dusk.
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