MN Voyageurs Wolf Project Documents Timberwolves Eating Blueberries


MN Voyageurs Wolf Project Documents Timberwolves Eating Blueberries

The Minnesota Voyageurs Wolf Project does a great deal of wildlife management, conservation, and observation in Minnesota and this extends beyond just wolf populations. This includes black bear, fox, moose, otters, and many other fur-bearing animals that call Minnesota home. An incredibly rare sight was captured on a trail camera recently when timberwolves were spotted eating blueberries! Documentation of this is the first time that anyone is aware of.

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Wolves of all species and breeds are known for being carnivores and – on rare occasion – might diverge from their main diet to eat some vegetation or “scrap” category food items. So, to see them eating natural, wild blueberries so casually on video is quiet the experience. The caption or description for the video posted by the Voyageurs Wolf Project is as follows:

Rare footage of wolves eating blueberries from this past summer, and the first footage of a mom and her pup foraging for blueberries together that we are aware of! The only other footage of wolves eating blueberries, to our knowledge, is the video we posted a few years ago, which was the first video footage of this behavior. This past summer was a bumper blueberry crop and every wolf we studied spent extensive time foraging on blueberries. Our research has shown that berries can make up to 83% of the weekly diet of wolf packs during the berry season! Notably, this footage only shows members of the Paradise Pack. We got footage of 3 of the 4 adults in the pack eating berries and then obviously footage of the pup. Only 1 Paradise Pack pup was alive at this point from what we can tell.

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