Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Destruction Test

   04.01.14 Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Destruction Test

In this week’s destruction test, Noss and friends test the Ka-Bar Becker BK9. Ka-Bar knives are often synonymous with knives that can be put through the wringer, as they’re intended for tactical or heavy outdoor use. The Becker BK9 is a bowie knife made with 1095 Cro-Van steel, and it retails for $155.63 on the Ka-Bar site. (Other retailers like list it for closer to $85.)

This 5-part test showcases the knife’s ability to cut through an orange–rather than an apple–and then effortlessly slices through a sheet of paper. It also performs well to split a piece of wood in two, requiring a few smacks with another wood plank to drive it in. Ka-Bar is known for making knives for bushcraft, so this should come as no surprise that it withstands this test. After the wood splitting, the blade is still able to slice the remaining orange piece.

The knife maintains its shape and edge and continues to cut through paper and orange slices. A clamp holding the knife in place demonstrates the strength of the blade because it doesn’t succumb to breaking even with applied pressure. However, the blade begins to show damage during the concrete test, where every blow of the knife on the concrete warps the edge. This makes it harder to slice a piece of paper. The knife makes a significant notch in the block but eventually snaps clean in half.

But the test isn’t quite over. The half that is still attached to the handle can still produce notches in a piece of wood when smacked with a mallet. It’s also able to chip away corners of the concrete block. A final clamp test, where the handle is hit with a hammer, takes off the rest of the blade.

Check out the video below, which can be watched as a playlist if you click on the “playlist” tab in the upper left corner. View past videos right here at here and here.


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