Often Overlooked Evacuation Items


Often Overlooked Evacuation Items

When disaster hits and the evacuation order is given, what are some items people overlook? When it comes to prepping, the same items are talked about so much we start to overlook other stuff.
I call forgetting about other important items, “the can opener effect.” We get so focused on the big items that we forget about the small stuff.

Often Overlooked Items

Pillows and Blankets – During an evacuation roads can easily become blocked and traffic will grind to a stand still. Expect to spend the night in your vehicle. Pillows and blankets will help make sleeping in your vehicle a little more bearable.

If you and your family have to stay in a shelter, having your own pillows and blankets will help everyone involved. There is no promise that the shelter will have blankets and pillows for everyone.

These should not be not a king or queen sized blankets, more like a twin size. Blankets can be found for relatively cheap and can be stored in a family sized bug out box. If the family has a pet, include something for it.

Road Map and compass – Technology is fine and dandy, as long as it works. Paper and compass do not require power, chargers, Internet connection, or anything else. During disasters, cell phone networks easily reach capacity. As a result, service will probably be intermediate.

If you and your family have to evacuate, please do not rely on 100% on technology. Have a real road map, compass and know how to use them.

Cell phone chargers – That one little cable left behind will cause a lot of stress and tension.

Keep a spare phone charger in the vehicle at all times.

Evacuation Personal Items

Quiet activities – Stuck in traffic for hours during an evacuation will tend to make tempers flare. Have some kind of activity to keep riders quiet. Reading, coloring, writing, mp3 player with ear buds, something to keep minds occupied.

When my parents took my brother and I on road trips in the 1970s, I would bring a stack of comic books. When we stopped at various gas stations, my parents would buy me more books.

Personal Hygiene –  Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, hand sanitizer, individual sized shampoo, toilet paper, etc. Chances are the family will need to stop at a rest area. Expect their to be no toilet paper or soap in the bathrooms.

Everyone must wash their hands and then use hand sanitizer after going into a public bathroom and before they eat. Catching a stomach bug during an evacuation would make a bad situation much worse.

Comfort Items

Being on the road for hours or maybe even a couple of days, stuck in a shelter, and maybe staying at a friend or family members house is not a pleasant event.

Bring some items that provide comfort. Maybe a video game console, tablet, Kindle Fire, books, games, favorite snacks, something that provides comfort, eases the mind, and lowers stress.

What Did We Overlook

Is there anything that was overlooked?

Please keep in mind we are not discussing the typical prepping items. Having three days of food and water for everyone, clothes, medicine, titles, deeds, insurance papers, and family pictures should be common knowledge.

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