Why Did Remington Lay Off 122 Workers?


Why Did Remington Lay Off 122 Workers?

In another article here on AllOutdoor.com, we talked about Remington laying off 122 workers.

The lay off was supposedly due to reduced gun sales, but there may be another reason: Consumers who have grown leery of Remington quality (or the lack thereof).


Remington recalls another batch of rifles with faulty trigger.

Reminder: Your Remington Model 700 (or Other) Bolt Action Rifle May be Defective.

Remington 1911 R1 Problem

…the grip safety was not working… the trigger could be pulled without depressing the safety.

Remington 1911 R1 problems

5 failures during the first shooting session:
4 – fails to feeds
1 – the second to the last round locked the slide back, which left the last round sitting there. For some reason the last round was sitting loose on top of the magazine, instead of being in the magazine.

RP9 is Out in the Wild… And Already Having Problems

Then there are the issues with the Remington RP9 reported by the Military Arms Channel on Youtube.

Customers Have Options

In a world where Glock is the standard that all other handguns are judged by, gun companies better have their A game on. There is no excuse for a handgun to have problems, much less out of the box problems.

Customers have resources and they have options. A simple Internet search will show if customers are having problems with a certain firearm. Social media, forums, and YouTube all provide platforms to express frustration with various products, firearms included.

Why would someone buy a handgun or rifle that has a history of malfunctions and/or safety issues, when there are so many other options on the market?

Remington hit with lawsuit over Walker trigger

Remington Arms Company was slammed with a lawsuit last week over a Model 700 rifle that inexplicably fired, striking its owners in the leg.

From my personal experience with my 1911 R1, I probably will never buy another Remington handgun, ever. Why should I buy a handgun from a company that is having quality control issues when there are so many good options on the market?

Competing against companies like Glock, Ruger, Beretta, CZ, Weatherby and Henry Arms, Remington better up their game or they will be laying off more than 122 employees.

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