Watch: BRS UltraLight Bug Out Bag Stove


Watch: BRS UltraLight Bug Out Bag Stove

Looking for a lightweight stove for hiking, camping or your bug out bag? Then take a look at the BRS ultralight stove.

I have been looking to reduce the weight of my backpacks. As I get older, it becomes more difficult to maintain a level of physical conditioning. One way to make hiking easier is to reduce pack weight. So, I started looking at the items I usually take hiking and was wondering if there were lightweight options.

One of the first places I looked was my cook set. I had been using a Coleman Max stove, which is rather bulky and heavy by ultralight weight standards. This led me to look for various stove options, which in turn led me to find a video by Darwin on the trail.

On Amazon, the BRS stove ranges in price from $14-20, and is eligible for Prime shipping. For that price, I took a leap of faith and bought one.

So far, I have taken the BRS stove on one hiking trip and let’s just say I was impressed. This was the stove used for the Mountain House chicken stew review.

When I first started using a stove, it was a heavy propane single burner stove that used a one pound bottle of propane. Over the years I ended up with a stove that weighs less than ounce.

  • Single burner propane stove with base: 1 pound 3.7 ounces.
  • Coleman Max stove: 6.55 ounces.
  • BRS stove: 0.9 ounces.

I have another hiking trip planned that might turn into an overnight camping trip. After that trip, I will be able to post more about this lightweight stove. So far, this is turning out to be a nice lightweight replacement to the Coleman Max stove.

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