Looking For a Gun Deal, Look Local


Looking For a Gun Deal, Look Local

It is no secret gun companies and retailers are hurting.  Everyone from Gander Mountain, to Colt, to Dicks Sporting Goods have been affected by the current gun market.

There is another company who is being affected, and that is the local family owned gun store. Even the pawn shops are being affected. Pawn shops get a bad rap for buying stuff at a discount, then selling for almost new prices. However, they have to do something to make money; they also provide an important service to the community.

From time to time I go to the local pawn shops and look around. Besides looking, I ask a few questions about their gun sales. During the late winter and summer, the pawn shops will collect hunting rifles. A couple of months before hunting season starts, the store will put the rifles out on display.

This year is slightly different. From what I am hearing, pawn shops have more guns in stock then they have had in a long time.

Just about all pawn shop across the south will have a few lever action rifles on display. Usually, the rifles last just a few days, and are sold. Even though there are better rifle designs on the market, hunters love the lever action 30-30.

August 8, 2017 I walked into a local pawn shop. There were more lever action rifles on display than I have ever seen at the store. The same goes for handguns; there were more on display than I had ever seen at the store.

Rather than paying full price, ask the owner about a discount. Sometimes local business owners are willing to work with customers, especially return customers.

Shopping at a local family owned business, even a pawn shop, keeps the money local. The money you spend helps keep people employed.

2017 is truly in a buyers market. Rather than buying from a big box retail outlet, shop local.

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