Gun Control Internal Bickering Exposed, Again


Gun Control Internal Bickering Exposed, Again

In May of 2017, an article was posted here on All Outdoor detailing the internal bickering of gun control groups.

Well, here is another example, this time from the Huffington Post – As A Gun Violence Survivor, I Feel Betrayed By Everytown.

Over the years, however, I began to see signs that suggested I was not as empowered as I thought. For example, I was once coached to avoid authenticity in telling my personal story in order to “stay on message.”

I also saw that survivors who were in the national media got preferential treatment over survivors who were unknown to the public.

Or the time I was harassed and threatened by an online pro-gun activist and told by Everytown staff that there was nothing they could do to help me.

The article is filled with buzzwords that are sure to inflame certain readers. Such as saying, “how violent men in our society can so easily obtain firearms and ammunition.” So, men are the only ones who commit gun crime?

Then there are the accusations against the Fraternal Order of Police and their stance on “racially-motivated gun violence committed by police”.

Without the buzzwords and finger pointing, it is clear gun control groups are falling apart.


I have to ask Kate Ranta, what did you expect from a gun control group? The sole purpose of gun control is to limit, or even strip you of your rights. By promoting gun control, you are taking your own rights away.

Then there are the buzz words, “common sense solutions” gun control groups like to throw around. The problem is, criminals do not care about gun laws. We already have common sense solutions. They have been in place since the 1930s and 1960s.

If you want to end gun violence, take the people who commit gun crimes and put them in prison, forever. However, gun control groups rarely talk about keeping people who commit inner city gang violence off the streets. Rather than addressing the real problem, it is much easier to point the finger at men.

The honest truth is, the vast majority of gun crime is committed by inner city gangs. Gun control groups resources would be better spent forming outreach and job training programs, than passing more gun laws that will just be ignored by criminals.

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