How Syria Changed My Prepping Plans


How Syria Changed My Prepping Plans

The supposed gassing of civilians in Syria brought the world to the edge of its seat. What was President Trump, Europe, the United Nations and Russia going to do? Things escalated so fast, the yo-yo preppers probably did not have time to respond.

In a previous article we talked about, “Why Syria Should Change Your Prepping Plans.” In the sense of open honesty. I have to admit the escalation of events in Syria forced me to take a look at my prepping plans, and some changes should be made.

Fruit Trees

My main concern was the state of the fruit trees. Most of the fruit trees here are on the farm are young, and the harsh winter of 2017-2018 killed a couple of them. Fruit trees may seem rather minuscule, but they are part of the overall plan for multiple food sources.

The fruit trees main roll in my prepping plans are jelly, and seasonal fresh fruit.

Trees Include:

  • Apples
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Plums
  • Figs

A few weeks ago, two more fig trees were planted near the chicken house. This makes a total five fig trees. However, those are five young trees which are barely producing.

Solar Power

In a grid down situation, solar power is used to recharge LED lanterns. The LED lanterns are safer than kerosene, and solar provides an unlimited energy source.

Part of my solar plan is to run the chicken house with solar, 12 volt lights, and a deep cell marine battery. As of yet, those plants have not moved forward. However, I have a foldable solar panel that is large enough to keep a couple of lanterns charged.

I need to get a couple of 100 watt solar panels and charge controllers. Those should be large enough to recharge batteries for myself, friends and family members.

Fallout Protection

Nuclear fallout is something I have thought about for a long time. I live in a rural location in Southeast Texas.  If fallout hits here, either Dallas, Houston, or both have been nuked. Something has gone seriously wrong, and chances are iodine tablets are not going to help.

However, if I lived near a large city, sure, maybe then stockpile iodine tablets.

Other Items

Some of the readers may be asking, “Kevin, what about firearms, ammo, seeds?”

In all honesty, I am happy with my firearm collection.  The more money spent on firearms means less money to do other stuff – such as fence in a few acres for goats and cattle.

The current chicken flock stands at 24 laying hens, with another dozen chicks in the chicken house.  Those dozen should start laying in around four months.

There comes a point where one category is “good enough”, then resources are put into other preps.  After the recent Syria event, I feel I need to pay more attention to my fruit trees and solar.


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