Beka Garris: “My Baby is the Reason I Carry”


Beka Garris: “My Baby is the Reason I Carry”

Beka Garris is a hunter and bowfisher who’s also an outspoken proponent of gun rights. She takes her baby daughter Isabella hunting and bowfishing and was even slammed by the media about it — but she kept on doing what she does.

She recently posted a photo of herself and her little girl, stating “She is the reason I carry.” And she added this:

I got a message the other day asking if I still conceal carry with Isabella and if I had changed how I carry since having her. I could probably write a short article on this but in short, YES I still carry and no I haven’t changed anything. I have always felt most comfortable carrying my CCW on my body and rarely carry my CCW in a bag. Proper holster is important for safety, and make sure that you choose one that’s compatible with however you choose to conceal. If carrying on your body, be aware when also carrying your baby. I usually carry my CCW on the opposite side of my body if I’m holding Isabella. If she’s in a front carrier, I carry small of my back…that way it’s out of the way but still easily accessible.

I do try to carry everywhere these days (I actually carry way more now that Isabella is here), whether hiking public land, bowfishing, hunting or even at Walmart. It’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

She’s right, you know.

Why do you carry?

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