ATF eForms for Silencers are Coming & Silencer Central is Ready!


ATF eForms for Silencers are Coming & Silencer Central is Ready!

A few years and even months ago the thought of electronically filing for your silencer approval sounded like a myth. To many hunter’s and shooter’s surprise though, the day has finally arrived where ATF eForms for silencer approval is here! One company who is fully prepared for this change in documentation is Silencer Central.

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With the launch of eForms, the ATF anticipates significantly reduced wait times, and Silencer Central is ready for the new ATF eForms process! Very few yet exclusive companies have been on the front line of BETA testing the new process, but Silencer Central is one of those companies. They bring to the table over 16 years of experience to ensure that the new eForms process is as efficient as possible.

If you would like to buy now and wait until the launch of eForms to submit your application, call 888.781.8778 to place your order. Be sure to let us know you would like to wait. Currently, the ATF is only accepting paper generated forms.

eForms: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Faster? Research suggests that once this process gets rolling, wait times should be reduced from the current 10 month (or more) wait time, to just 60-90 days.
  • Will paper applications still be available? Yes, you will still have the option to file via paper.
  • Can I withdrawal my paper application? No, the ATF has requested no withdrawals of paper applications.

If you are new to the whole silencer purchasing process, there are quite a few benefits to working with Silencer Central. For one, you receive FREE shipping to all 42 silencer-legal states plus a FREE NFA Gun Trust with your purchase. Also, Silencer Central has one of the largest inventories of silencers on planet Earth! Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions about the process or need guidance in selecting a silencer that is right for you.

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