Moultrie Releases NEW Micro Series Camera Accessories


Moultrie Releases NEW Micro Series Camera Accessories

If you’re familiar with Moultrie’s new Micro Camera series, you know that there’s some room for accessories. While trail cameras are typically fine on their own, animals and Mother Nature herself aren’t always kind. Also, depending on their use, they can require battery changes more often than you might want. It’s for these reasons that Moultrie has added some new camera accessories to help you protect and power your Micro Cameras.

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Camera Accessories

NEW Camera Accessories: Micro Series Security Box

Made of 16-gauge steel, this Security Box is meant to protect your Micro camera from the elements, as well as any curious and destructive wildlife.

Cameras Accessories

“Protect your Micro Series cameras with sturdy steel housing and dual-use locking tabs for extra security and criminal deterrence.”


NEW Camera Accessories: Micro Camera Power Panel

Designed to greatly extend the battery life of your Micros, this Power Panel is also compatible with 6V feeders. Attach it to a tree, a pole, or a feeder to power up.

Cameras Accessories

“Amorphous solar panel with built-in 1480 mAh lithium battery extends battery life for fewer trips to the tree or feeder.”


  • Cord length: Five feet
  • Cord protection: Metal conduit
  • Compatible: 6V Moultrie Micro Series game cameras and Moultrie feeder kits
  • Not compatible: 12V Moultrie game cameras
  • MSRP: $79.99

If you use Moultrie’s Micro Cameras and are looking to boost their performance or security, you can find these on the Moultrie website, though some new products won’t be available for a couple more months. You can also find more information on products from Moultrie by following them on social media. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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