Cyber Monday Sale! Maven, Moultrie, Sitka, 5.11 & White Duck Outdoors


Cyber Monday Sale! Maven, Moultrie, Sitka, 5.11 & White Duck Outdoors

You’re at work, your computer/tablet/cellphone is humming, and all you can think of is hunting, the great outdoors, and things you can buy for yourself – ahem! we mean, other people – for the holidays. If you need to scratch that itch, there are still a lot of Cyber Monday Sale items going on now from some of the biggest brands in the game like Maven optics, Moultrie Mobile trail cameras, Sitka clothing, 5.11 Tactical, and White Duck Outdoors.

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Whether you are looking to pick up a few things for yourself (we won’t tell anyone) or you are looking to check some people off of your Christmas shopping list, there are still a lot of good deals to be had with Cyber Monday Sale items from these 5 manufacturers listed below:

cyber monday sale
Sitka Ambient Hoody in Optifade Open Country Camo
  • Maven C Series Optics – 25% OFF all C Series optics (except rangefinders) from November 24th – December 31st with the following NEW bundles on Maven’s website Today ONLY (Cyber Monday):
    • RS.3 with Rings – Normally $1,759 —> down to $1,280
    • C4 with Tripod – Normally $900 – $925 —> down to $560 – $580
    • CS1. with Tripod – Normally $1,000 —> down to $640
    • C.1 10x with Gift Kit – Normally $492 —> down to $340
    • B.2 with Filters, Rick Young & Spudz – Normally $1,227 – $1,277 —> down to $920 – $960
    • S2 with Window Mount – Normally $1,200 —> down to $840
    • AMAZON SALE: 25% OFF RS.3, B.2, S.2

When it comes to being a good hunter and steward of the outdoors, these brands hit all of your bases as far as critical components. You have appropriate hunting clothing, optics, trail cameras, tent systems, and a bevy of other valuable products to make your life easier. Be sure to jump on all of the aforementioned deals because many of them expire at the end of the day. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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