Mossberg Tactical Turkey: SA-20 and SA-28 Turkey Pistol Grip Versions


Mossberg Tactical Turkey: SA-20 and SA-28 Turkey Pistol Grip Versions

It is never too early to start daydreaming of turkey hunting this upcoming spring and Mossberg is already prepared with new shotgun offerings by the way of 20 and 28 Gauge semi-autos. They have recently introduced the Mossberg Tactical Turkey in pistol grip versions (SA-20 and SA-28) as well as a classically-styled stock version, too. These will come in their extremely popular Mossy Oak Greenleaf camouflage pattern with a bevy of features and benefits.

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The MSRP for the classically-styled stock SA-20 Turkey punches in at $816 while the pistol grip counterpart is a touch more at a retail price of $902. The pistol grip version allows shooters to “choke up” on the gun a little more with a Length-of-Pull (LOP) of only 12.75″ while the classically-styled stock SA-20 Turkey is a bit longer at 14.25″ overall. A general overview of the rest of the specifications for the Mossberg Tactical Turkey shotguns being unveiled can be read below as presented by Mossberg:

  • Gauge: 20 | 28
  • Capacity: 4+1
  • Barrel: 22″ Vent Rib Matte Blue | 22″ Vent Rib Mossy Oak Greenleaf
  • Sights: Fiber Optic Ghost Ring
  • Choke Tube: Extended Turkey
  • Stock: Synthetic Mossy Oak Greenleaf

North Haven, CT – Mossberg International, Inc. is importing three new turkey guns to expand the SA-Series of autoloaders: fully-camouflaged SA-20 and SA-28 Turkey Pistol Grip versions and a SA-20 Turkey with camo-covered, classic stock and forend; featuring Mossy Oak® Greenleaf™ camo. Small-gauge shotguns combined with today’s denser, more effective shotshells have extended ranges for these sub-gauges and grown in popularity. And thanks to their lightweight, soft-shooting and quick-handling qualities, these autoloaders are surprisingly effective on longbeards and a pleasure to carry in the field.

Mossberg Tactical Turkey
Mossberg SA-20 Turkey in Mossy Oak Greenleaf Camouflage

SA-Series autoloaders begin with a well-designed gas operating system that vents excess gases, reducing recoil for the shooter and lessening stress on components for smooth, reliable operation. Chambered in 20 gauge (3-inch) and 28 gauge (2.75-inch), all models feature a five-round total capacity and 22-inch vent rib barrels with the versatility of an interchangeable choke tube system (Extended Turkey choke tube included). Barrels are topped with fiber optic Ghost Ring sights and receivers feature a Picatinny rail for ease of adding optics. Other standard features include a cross-bolt safety; extended charging handle; and easy-load elevator.

Mossy Oak’s Greenleaf pattern offers silhouette concealment with its blend of dirt, bark, moss, and oak sapling elements. Whether you are hunting the hardwoods of the southeast or the rugged terrain of west Texas, Greenleaf keeps you from getting busted by a wary longbeard.

These new Mossberg Tactical Turkey shotguns not only have some striking curb appeal, but they also should blend in well to a blossoming spring wood line while you are trying to fill your tag on an established, educated gobbler. The industry as a whole seems to be entertaining smaller gauge sizes for turkeys from like these 20 and 28 gauge offerings as well as .410 gauge for the really adventurous. Would you be willing to try out one of these new offerings from Mossberg?… As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Mossberg Tactical Turkey
Mossberg SA-28 Turkey Pistol Grip in Mossy Oak Greenleaf Camouflage
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